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Our Philosophy

Out in the community you will see

so many of our faces smiling happily.

We love to explore, get out and about 

giggling and laughing, there is no doubt. 

Caring for the environment we love to do

Flora and Fauna are important to us too. 

Reduce, re-use, recycle makes our preschool sustainable 

and when we all pitch in it certainly is attainable. 

Natural resources are everywhere

we love our environment, we take such care. 

Playing in the mud, the sand, the garden or with the rocks

or even building structures with our natural timber blocks. 

Indoors and outdoors we create many spaces to play

to continue our learning and growing each day. 

Produce from our sustainable garden which we have grown from seed

gives us healthy food, which is what our bodies and brains need. 

Through play is how we love to learn

it's fun and exciting and what we yearn.

With our friends around us, we give and take

relationships are forming which is what we love to make.

Our preschool community is diverse, equal and fair, 

we have many different cultures and we encourage each to share. 

Each child is unique no matter what colour, race or creed, 

and through love, encouragement and respect, we help them to succeed. 

Our families are the core of what make our service great

together as a partnership it's like working with a mate. 

To love and care for our little ones is what we're here to do 

Newcastle Community Preschool we know is just the place for you. 

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